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Easy Tagger

Easy Tagger is a new, powerful MP3 organizer that helps you put your collection of music files in order. Built-in support of WMA, OGG and MP3 tags (ID3v1 & ID3v2) will give you versatility with music file formats. Advanced functions for fast tag deleting, renaming and copying are included. New batch operations such as "File Renamer", "Batch Tagger", "Duplicates Killer", and "Playlist Exporter" will make your life much easier. You will definitely like the id3v2 tag support (for MP3 files), which lets you save photos of your favorite musicians or album art right into MP3 files themselves. You can also export your music listing to HTML format (a Web page). A special ability to read and write unknown tag fields prevents corruption of your files. Easy Tagger even has the ability to recognize and correct ?broken? tags. Support of more than 20 skins under all 32-bit versions of Windows (not just Windows XP) will give your desktop a distinctive look. Don?t delay ? try it today!

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